Northern Body Corporate Management treats each body corporate as an individual entity which gives you the peace of mind and freedom to know your investment is in safe hands and managed to the highest

standards. Northern Body Corporate Management has an open and transparent management policy ensuring that clients know where and how their money is being spent.

Northern Body Corporate Management Body Corporate Managers have a responsibility for providing the following services, but not limited to:

  • Property maintenance
  • Obtaining insurance quotes and ensuring the body corporate is insured at all times
  • Maintaining the registers (owners, assets, engagements & authorizations, occupation authorities)
  • Preparation of the budget and financial statements
  • Collection of levies and outstanding debts
  • Payment of accounts
  • Consulting and liaising with clients, insurance assessors, council, commissioners office, contractors etc.
  • Handling all correspondence
  • Organising of meetings and minutes
  • Ensuring all residents adhere to the by-laws
  • Preparing of audits, inspection of records, disclosure statements, tax returns
  • Fire Services
  • Security
  • Prepare and lodge all quarterly BAS and Annual tax returns using qualified accountants

At Northern Body Corporate Management we realize the importance for you to be kept up to date with your property and any new regulations or information that may be of interest. A newsletter is provided to all our owners on a quarterly basis.

It is a requirement within our company that body corporate managers must visit the complexes on a regular basis. We believe you cannot manage a building 100% if you have never stepped foot on the property. This is a free service to all our clients.

When visiting the complexes on a regular basis, we can ensure contractors are providing a high service and residents are keeping in line with the by-laws to ensure the property is kept to a high standard.

Northern Body Corporate Management is constantly looking for ways to ensure our clients are receiving the best service and facilities available and offers security, consistency and a unique level of expertise.

Northern Body Corporate Management is powered by mystrata, a secure web based software program designed specifically for Body Corporate Management. Mystrata benefits our clients as it allows for levies to be paid via Australia Post, in person at any post office, by phone, BPay, DEFT or internet. Mystrata also allows for owners to view various areas of the program in relation to their complex ie: accounts. This is a cost effective asset to owners, especially to our absentee owners who whether it be because of working hours or distance, cannot attend their annual meetings, can still be kept informed of the body corporate activities with the click of a button.