Let Northern Body Corporate Management set up the Body Corporate for you:

As a member of UDIA (Qld), at Northern Body Corporate Management you can rest assured that you will get the best service, advice and assistance with your development. From the initial planning to completion you will be provided with a smooth set-up with specialised service to assist you with your new scheme.

Northern Body Corporate Management will do the following, but not limited to:

  • Provide a fact sheet to sales agents, if requested, on the responsibilities and requirements of a Body Corporate to give to potential buyers. This can be customised for the development and provides a positive image of the body corporate. It explains what a body corporate is in clear terms so that buyers are aware of the role a Body Corporate performs. The fact sheet also has Northern Body Corporate Management’s contact details so buyers with specific concerns or queries can be answered personally if necessary;
  • Attempt to resolve property concerns with owners before involving the developer where possible;
  • Organise the insurance, ground maintenance and the setup of the administration and sinking fund accounts for the Body Corporate;
  • Schedule and attend the inaugural body corporate meeting;
  • Provide advice on common property areas that can lead to reduced body corporate costs and additional sales features;
  • Schedule a Special General Meeting with the new owners once all units have been settled at no additional expense to the body corporate; and
  • Provide Information Certificates and Disclosure Statements;

All in all, Northern Body Corporate Management can play a vital role for developers. If we are involved from the very beginning of the Development we can remove many obstacles before they are encountered.

Contact Us:

Phone: (07) 4723 8217

E-mail: seimon@nbcmqld.com